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The Philanthropic Mission of Miracle Flights for Kids

June 25, 2017
At any given time, more than 30 million Americans are afflicted with a rare disease or other medical condition that threatens to shorten their life or negatively impact it in some way. Sadly, more than half of people so afflicted are children and a good many of them may not live long enough to start school. Many of these kids may not live long because the treatment or other medical help they need is too far away. This is an urgent problem for a great many families.

Thankfully, since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has provided help for those children whose parents don’t have the means to fly them to wherever the best medical help is located, even if it’s not within driving distance. They offer financial assistance families need to buy expensive airline tickets. So far, they have provided more than 100,000 flights covering 55 million miles to families everywhere. It is no wonder Medical Flights for Kids is considered to among the best and most useful charities in the country, and why they have long been established as the most important nonprofit health and welfare flight organization anywhere.